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Tips to Help You Stay Cool in Your Car This Summer

The hot summer weather can cause scorching temperatures inside your vehicle. The extreme heat trapped in your vehicle can cause dangerous conditions for you and your passengers. Avoid the unbearable conditions by making some simple and smart...

Improve Performance for Any Engine

With a wide range of high performance synthetic oils, the benefits of AMSOIL synthetic oils are not restricted to your car or truck.  In this post, USA Syn Oil in Oklahoma City has information about other unique high quality lubricants for all vehicles...
 This July 18-19th at the Hallett Motor Racing Circuit in Jennings, OK will coincide their Motorcycle Lapping Days and MCRA Racing. It’s a great opportunity to race your bike, improve your skills, and watch the pros in action. Before you do, you’ll want to make sure your bike is in top...
Summer finally here! It is time to get your car checked out and get it road trip ready. These easy tips will help you to spruce up your car and avoid costly repairs or roadside breakdowns. 

Change the Oil

Oil is what keeps your engine happy and your car running. If you are planning on hitting...
Here at USA Synthetics, we believe in our product and we want to tell you why AMSOIL synthetic oil is superior to other conventional oils. Today we are going to talk about purity, one of the features of AMSOIL oil, and some of the benefits you get from this feature. 

Conventional oils break...

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