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Our Youtube Channel

Hey, it’s Doug here with! I’m glad you've found our page featuring our youtube channel content. We’re adding new videos frequently, with a new tech tip posting each Wednesday. We hope you like what you see, and if so, please subscribe to our channel. If not, or if you have suggestions, please hit us up!  

Before you check out our videos, let me share the story of why I decided to create the videos in the first place. Some years ago, I worked on a project with friend in an industry I knew little about. Frequently, upon asking the question, “Well, how do we do that?”, the answer was, “I don’t know!” More often than not, I found myself navigating to Youtube on my iPhone, to learn how to perform the task, or how to operate a piece of equipment. Long after my involvement with the project concluded, I found myself using Youtube as a guide to tackle just about any task I approached.  

Over the years, countless customers have reached out with questions about Amsoil, or automobiles in general. One of the more popular questions was concerning the proper way to install an oil filter. Contrary to popular belief, you do not tighten them with all your strength!! So, all these questions, all the answers I have to share, I felt what better way than a Youtube channel with emphasis on Tech Tips!  

Thanks for listening, I sincerely hope you enjoy our channel. Please feel free to leave comments, and share with your friends. We’ll see you next time.