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Let’s face it; nobody enjoys taking their car to the mechanic. Not only are you left without a vehicle for however many days your mechanic decides to keep your car, but you are also likely to receive a large invoice when you return to collect it. However, as important as your mechanic visits are, there is much that an everyday car owner can do to extend the time between visits, and even lessen the total cost.

General Car Maintenance That You Can Do at Home

If this rings true, and you are interested in ways for you to take care of your car as much as possible and save some money in the meantime, you are reading the right post. For this article, USA Synthetics has some easy to follow tips to share to get you started on the road (pardon the pun) to a smooth running vehicle.

Let's Start With a Clean

First, get the most unappealing task out the way; cleaning. However, don’t think that this just means a quick hose down. Instead, get some warm water, a bucket, a firm sponge, and some car wash fluid and give your vehicle a thorough scrub down. Pay close attention to areas which aren’t easily visible or accessible, such as behind your tires or in between door and trunk hinges. If dirt is left to accumulate, it can cause damage to your car, leaving you with a repair bill and a damaged car.

Air Filter

Now it’s time for some mechanical work by checking, cleaning, and replacing your air filter. If this is your first time, check your owner’s manual to locate your air filter. Alternatively, look for a plastic container which will likely be placed towards the top of your engine. It should have a lid which is often held down by clamps or clasps.
  • Remove the cover, take out the air filter, and give it a good clean.
    • It is likely that your air filter will contain a dry fiber material which is used to filter out the air.
  • Take a vacuum cleaner hose and give it a good vacuum.
  • While you have the air filter out of its case, use the vacuum to also clean the casing to remove any small particles of dust.
  • Once your air filter has been cleaned, replace it and relock the lip and claims/clasps.
Replacing your air filter for the first time can be exhilarating, given that it’s a real piece of your engine that a mechanic would usually replace. As easy as it is to perform, remember that you can’t keep doing it forever. Just like all engine parts, your air filter will eventually break down will need replacing. If you aren’t sure which is the right filter to use for your replacement, don’t take a guess. Speak with an expert by calling USA Synthetics at (405) 388-6170 to find out which is the best replacement for your engine. Along with an extensive line of high-quality AMSOIL engine lubricants, USA Synthetics can also help with your air filter needs.

Maintain Your Pressure

If you have power steering but you are still finding it difficult to control your vehicle, it’s likely that your tire pressure could do with a check. If the pressure is too low, then it can cause an increase in friction between your tires and the road. This means that not only does your engine have to work harder just to keep the wheels spinning (which uses more gas), but it also decreases your handling ability. Take out your owner’s manual and check the recommended tire pressure against what is in your tires. Make sure that each tire is topped up or let down, depending on the current level, so that each match.

Battery Condition

Nobody enjoys getting stuck in the morning with a car that won’t start. What’s worse, nobody enjoys it when a mechanic shows up to fiddle with the cords for 30 seconds and makes your car start! Luckily, these situations are very avoidable. Open the hood of your car and check the condition of the battery. It doesn’t matter if you have seen a dirty battery before as you will definitely be able to see if something is wrong or not. The most likely sight will be buildup or corrosion around the battery connection terminals. With your car switched off, safely remove the battery terminals and carefully wipe away are build up that may have occurred. When doing this, remember that the corrosion may be dangerous, so be sure to wear protective gloves and safety items.

Perform Your Own Synthetic Oil Change

Despite the price your mechanic charges you, performing a synthetic oil change is something which you can perform at home. The first place to start is with the right replacement oil. Instead of taking a guess which is the right one for your car, speak with USA Synthetics at (405) 388-6170 and ask about the model of your car. With expert knowledge and years of experience, USA Synthetics will ensure you get the right motor oil for your vehicle.

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