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If you see steam coming from your radiator, then there’s a good chance that your water or coolant levels are low, if not empty. However, if your transmission fluid runs low or empty then the signs aren’t as visible. Without requiring you to obtain qualifications in engine mechanics, this post will help you to identify the signs that your transmission fluid needs your attention.

Do You Know the Signs That Your Synthetic Transmission Fluid Needs to Be Changed?

The best care that you can give your car’s engine is a regular visit to your mechanic. However, there are a number of smaller maintenance items which every motorist can perform themselves, and monitoring and managing your transmission fluid level is one of them.  USA Synthetics is here to help you on the road (pardon the pun) to transmission fluid maintenance.

There's a Strange Warning Light on Your Dashboard

The more features that modern cars keep coming out with means more warning lights for you to try and understand. And while your car’s manufacturer may believe that the lights are all very intuitive and clear, everyday motorists don’t always feel the same. If you notice a warning light on your dashboard, look it up in your owner’s manual. Often a transmission fluid light is ominous and not often easily recognized by drivers.

The Transmission Fluid Container Level Is Under 'MIN.'

It comes as a surprise to many motorists that the level of their transmission fluid is visible simply by looking under their hood. Your owner’s manual is the best place to show you where to look, but rest assured it’s likely to be very easy to find. If you can see that the level is under the ‘MIN” line, it’s time to top up or even flush it out and replace it entirely. If you are new to transmission fluid and aren’t sure which is the right one to use, taking a guess is not a good idea. Instead, speak with a transmission fluid expert at USA Synthetic by calling (405) 388-6170 to get quality advice. If you prefer, the online store has extensive information about all of the transmission fluid products along with products for a synthetic oil change in Oklahoma City, OK, available to help you make the right decision.

Do You Need to Take Your Gearbox to Dinner Just for a Gear Change?

If your gears feel like they just don’t want to change and you have to wait until the sun is in the right position on the correct day of the week just to get it into a new gear, it’s likely there isn’t a sufficient amount of transmission fluid running through the system or its quality has deteriorated. When this happens, the lubrication that your transmission needs to make smooth changes is gone, leaving it with very little help to operate.

That Doesn't Sound Good…

If this is something you or your passengers have said while attempting to change gears then you’re right - it doesn’t sound good. Just as mentioned in the tip above, when there isn’t enough lubrication for your gears to change smoothly, your ears will hear about it. The sound that you’re hearing is metal grinding, crashing, and scraping against metal as your gears disengage and then re-engage while you drive. On top of sounding bad, this is also doing serious damage to the parts inside your transmission which, if not addressed early, can lead to expensive repairs or even a replacement of your entire transmission system.

Um...What Happened to Second Gear?

If you are happily driving along only to find that you are suddenly thrust into neutral, this is called slipping gears. While it can be the sign of other problems, the first item to consider is your transmission fluid. If there is enough fluid, but it is full of debris and contaminants, then there might not be sufficient pressure to keep your gears in place. While you may see it as an inconvenience, it can cause serious safety concerns when you need to apply the gas to get yourself out of danger, and your gears won’t hold. Check out AMSOIL's Manual Transmission & Transaxle Gear Lube 75W-90 when looking to replace or top up your transmission fluid to see it is suited to your vehicle and can help with keeping your gears in place.

Keep Your Transmission in a Good State With a Regular Flush of the Synthetic Transmission Fluid

Keeping an eye on your transmission fluid is an easy task to do and one which can save you a lot of trouble and money. During your regular maintenance and instead of replacing your current transmission fluid with an inferior, or even worse, incorrect product, speak with somebody who can help. Call USA Synthetic at (405) 388-6170 and ask about the right product for your needs. Alternatively, the online store can help with additional information about each of the synthetic transmission fluids available and their designed use along with information on the best motor oil to complete a synthetic oil change in Oklahoma City, OK.

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