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So you have finally decided that you want to buy a car. Common sense tells you that you should get the safest car possible which suits your needs, and which you can afford. With this in mind, you start your research, only to realize that all of the safety features listed are just acronyms and you have no idea whether a safety feature is actually beneficial to you.

Deciphering Safety Feature Acronyms

One of the best things to keep handy when researching to buy a car is a 'Cheat Sheet to help you understand just what each safety feature is. For this reason, USA Synthetics has some information to share on what some of the most popular safety features mean and do.


You can expect to see this acronym often if you are looking for a brand new car. Especially one with bleeding edge technology. LKT/LAS stands for Lane Keeping Technology or Lane Assist Technology, and operates how you would expect:
  • Lane marking cameras scan the road to know where your car sits in relation to other lanes.
  • A GPS system is used to determine your car's position on the road.
  • If it detects you are no longer in control and the vehicle begins to veer out of its lane, this technology will alert the driver, and if available, work to correct it and retain your lane.
In conjunction with the above, when activated, this feature usually emits a loud alarm. This safety feature is a serious preventative against drivers who become drowsy behind the wheel. CAF CAF stands for Crash Avoidance Features and really refers to a range of safety features that, either alone or together, work to reduce the instances of crashes with technology.
  • A braking system which applies itself should you get too close to the car ahead.
  • Automatic steering to swerve out of the way of a detected oncoming accident.
  • Roof mounted sensors that scan for and alert the driver of nearby pedestrians.
Alongside the advances in automotive safety technology, engine oil technology has also progressed. Speak with USA Synthetics at (405) 388-6170 to learn more about how a simple synthetic oil change in Moore can help you get the best performance from your vehicle.


Speed Limiting Devices are a safety feature which has been around for a while. However, it hasn't been until the burst in self-driving technology that more people are noticing it. There are two kinds of devices.
  • The first device works as an alarm, alerting the driver to a potential speeding situation.
  • The second device begins to work in a similar way, however, if the driver does not reduce the speed then the car will adjust the speed by itself.
Both of these devices work by receiving updated speed limit information and calibrating your location via GPS. However, these systems are not infallible and rely on human input and update to learn new speeds. This could result in a car which applies the brakes unnecessarily due to outdated information.


If you have ever turned on your cruise control and become annoyed as you began to approach the slower cars you are following, then Adaptive Cruise Control is a feature you may be interested in. ACC works by monitoring the distance between you and the car in front while cruise control is engaged. If the sensors detect that you are approaching the cars ahead, it will adapt the speed of your cruise control and follow at a safe distance.


While it is one of the most common safety features you will see, it is in no way one of the least important. Antilock Braking Systems actively monitor your wheels as they turn, detecting any loss of grip or differing road conditions. In the event that you need to brake suddenly and press your foot on the pedal as hard as possible, this system prevents your brakes from locking up by only allowing the maximum braking pressure before locking point.

Treat Your Car to a Synthetic Oil Change in Moore

This is by no means an exhaustive list of car safety features; however, it is a good place to get you started. Print it out and keep it beside you, adding to it as you research. Once you have found the safest car for you, be sure to keep it in good shape. Speak with USA Synthetics at (405) 388-6170 about how an at-home synthetic oil change in Moore with the right AMSOIL engine oil can get the best performance out of your vehicle.

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