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Everybody knows that summer is the perfect time for a road trip. However, not everybody knows that, without a few tips and advice, a great vacation can quickly turn into waiting on the side of the road for help to arrive. The fun and frivolity of a road trip can often lead motorists to simply gather all of their friends or family into the car and head off on an adventure! And as great as this sounds (and often works out in the movies), in reality, there are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure you and your passengers arrive safe and sound.

Tips to Help You and Your Passengers Get to Where You’re Going

USA Synthetics knows a lot about engine maintenance and how to keep a vehicle on the road for longer and has prepared the following post to help you do just that!

Tire Condition

If you were to think about the torture you put your tires through and then the attention and case that you give them, you will likely find that there is a big gap in between. This isn’t because you don’t care for your vehicle but simply that tires are often thought of as being indestructible. In reality, however, they are not. Before you head off on a long drive it’s a great idea to give your tires a quick visual inspection to make sure they’re up to the task ahead. Pay attention to the following:
  • Is there any debris stuck in your tire?
  • How about debris stuck in between the tread?
  • Is there enough tread?
  • Are there places where there is no tread entirely?
If you can see any of the above issues or you just aren’t confident that your tires are up to the task, have the issue checked before you drive.

Tire Pressure

While we are talking about tire condition, why not check the pressure in your tires? This has two main benefits. The first is that correctly inflated tires can reduce your gas usage, which can be very helpful when it comes to long drives. This is because under inflated tires results in too much of the tire coming into contact with the road as you drive. This leads to an increase in friction which requires your engine to work harder just to keep you moving forward. The second is your handling, which is actually a safety benefit. Once you inflate your tires to the correct level you will find that your vehicle is noticeable easier to handle and manoeuvre, making it easier for you to avoid problems on the freeway while driving at high speed.

How Are Your Fluids?

Just as you need to drink more water during the summer heat, your engine needs a little love and care when it comes to its fluid requirements. The main reason to keep your eyes on your engine fluids is so that you aren’t stuck on the side of the road because of something small and easily preventable. Start with the following:
  • Engine oil
  • Coolant
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Brake Fluid
  • Wiper Fluid
If possible, empty your engine oil and give your car a synthetic oil change. This helps to clear out any gunk currently running through your engine and helps to improve your engine performance and overall health. Click here to buy Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil and keep your engine in top shape and ready for your summer road trip. To learn more about Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil or to find out more of the benefits of a synthetic oil change, speak with a friendly expert at USA Synthetics by calling (405) 388-6170 before you leave or check out the online store.

It’s Just as Important That You Can Stop!

Brakes are often a difficult thing to gauge because, as you drive in the city you likely take your foot off the gas pedal early to slow yourself down until you lightly touch your brakes to come to a smooth stop. However, are they up to the challenge of being applied with full pressure in an emergency situation? With your car in the sunlight, kneel down and check the condition of your brake pads. If you can see the indicator pin, there is debris or film covering them, or you can just see that they need to be replaced soon, before you leave is a great opportunity for you to do it.


While a dim headlamp can seem like a small problem as you go about your daily errands, when it comes to night driving, it can cause a serious safety concern. A few nights before you are due to leave, get in the car and have a friend or family member walk around your vehicle to check that all of your indicator lights and headlamps are working correctly. Additionally, if your fuel gauge has been acting up or your temperature gauge always says your car is running at the bottom end of the scale, have it checked out. When replacing headlamps or indicator lamps or fuses, you will notice they are sold in a set of two. Instead of storing the spare in your garage, consider taking it along with you – just in case.

The Benefits of a Synthetic Oil Change in Oklahoma City, OK Can’t Be Understated

To get your vehicle road trip ready, spend a few minutes to give your engine a synthetic oil change before you leave. To learn more about the benefits of a synthetic oil change or for help choosing the best high-quality AMSOIL product for your needs, don’t hesitate to speak with an expert at COMPANY NAME by calling NUMBER today!

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