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Are you about to use your motorcycle to commute around the city? If you are not used to riding your motorcycle in the city, it's important that you know what you need to look out for. Learn about this topic in this article by USA Synthetics in Oklahoma City.

Many riders think that riding a motorcycle in the city requires a lot of bravery. This is true, but along with bravery, it requires a lot of focus and complete awareness of your surroundings. If you are not used to riding in the city, learning some simple tips can be very helpful. If you are interested in this topic, learn more about it by reading this article that USA Synthetics in Oklahoma City has for you today.

Wear Proper Gear

When riding your motorcycle, safety should be a priority. Always use a DOT-approved helmet, gloves, motorcycle pants, and a jacket. Avoid wearing shorts, sandals, or even jeans. If the weather is hot, invest in gear that is designed for ventilation and cooling. Also, wear appropriate footwear such as boots. Remember that the only thing protecting you from the road and from other vehicles is your gear.

Stay Focused

Riding in a city requires a high level of focus. You need to be careful of other vehicles as well as pedestrians. Therefore, it's crucial that you scan everything in your peripheral. Along with paying attention to what is ahead of you, try to be as aware as possible of what is happening around you, as this will enable you to identify any potentially dangerous situation ahead. Also, don't get too confident; avoid thinking that the drivers around you are aware of you.

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Be Visible

As a motorcycle rider, you are always at risk of not being noticed by other drivers. Many drivers forget to look out for motorcycles or are not able to see riders due to their car's blind spot. So, the best thing you can do is to be as visible as possible. Try stopping at a spot where you know other drivers cans see you and look out for other cars merging unexpectedly. To do so, pay extra attention to the vehicle's front tires.

Check the Weather

Before leaving your house, make sure to check the forecast. Depending on the forecast, you can find yourself driving under bad weather conditions. Driving on two wheels on a wet or icy road can be quite dangerous. Additionally, driving on a motorcycle doesn't offer you the stability of a car, the reason why you need to be extra careful. Also, wearing the correct gear can really make a difference in your comfort and wellbeing.

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Study the Surface

Being aware of your surroundings and watching out for other drivers isn't enough to ensure your safe riding in a city. Studying the surface and the road as you ride is just as vital. Look out for spilled oil, fuel, or antifreeze. The simplest way of noticing these elements on the pavement is to watch out for shiny spots. Also, be on the lookout for sand or gravel; they can be just as dangerous and are usually harder to notice.

Look For an Escape

Looking for an escape is vital, as riding in a city can be unpredictable. Motorcycles have the advantage of being smaller than cars and easier to ride between different vehicles. Having a clear idea of how to move and escape from a situation can save you from many dangerous situations. And, as braking hard isn't always the safest option, make sure you leave enough room to stop as well as move if necessary.

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