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All motorists know they need to keep their engine fluids in check, but not all motorists know just why it’s so important, let alone why they should be using synthetic oil.

While it’s important for all motorists to know about their vehicle and how it works, it’s unreasonable to expect all drivers to know everything about the inner workings of an engine. However, when it comes to engine care, knowing about your engine oil can not only help you to save money but also help to extend the life of your vehicle.

Why Synthetic Engine Oil Is Important for Your Vehicle

If you are interested to know a bit more about your engine and how choosing the right engine oil can benefit you, below is a post from USA Synthetics on the topic.

Nobody Likes a Cold Start

Can you remember waking up late for work and getting into your car, switching it on, and then immediately driving? If you answered yes then you can likely also remember that your car didn’t seem too happy about it, often giving you sluggish performance and, shall we say, not-so-smooth gear changes. Much like you need coffee in the morning, your engine and its parts need their equivalent. Their morning boost comes in the form of engine oil. And the best type of engine oil is AMSOIL synthetic oil. When the temperature drops, regular conventional engine oil is known to thicken and retract from the more hard-to-reach spaces inside your engine and between each engine part. What this means for your morning starts is that your engine is operating without lubrication, leading to friction between your engine parts which is the cause of your low performance. With the help of high-quality additives, synthetic oil doesn’t suffer this effect, instead, it retains its consistency and, in turn, the protection it affords your engine part. What this means for a general motorist is that their engine and its parts are ready to go before the driver has even got out of bed.

Improved Fuel Efficiency

If you have visited the gas station recently then you know that the price of fuel is rising, with no signs of reducing. And while you may think that the only way to reduce your gas usage is to simply leave your vehicle at home and walk everywhere, the truth is that the type of oil you use in your engine can determine how fuel efficient your vehicle is. As was mentioned in the tip above, when friction occurs it works to prevent your engine performing at its best. In addition to affecting your morning starts, friction also works to increase your gas consumption. As each of the parts inside your engine operate, friction does indeed build up. And as you can likely remember from your science classes, the more friction which occurs, the harder the parts need to work. And the harder each part needs to work, the more gas your engine requires to keep itself going. While it isn’t going to cut your gas consumption in half, you can expect it to make a difference over time and help decrease the number of times you need to visit the gas station to fill up. Click here to buy Signature Series 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil and keep your engine performing at its best. Whether your problem is cold starts or gas usage, a synthetic oil change in Oklahoma City, OK with a high-quality AMSOIL synthetic oil can help. To find out more, speak with a friendly expert at USA Synthetics by calling (405) 388 6170.

Reduce Engine Wear

Motorists dislike taking their vehicle for mechanic inspections for more reasons than the cost. In addition to money, you often have to leave your vehicle with the mechanic for a number of days, causing significant inconvenience. While there isn’t yet a product which makes your vehicle engine impervious to damage, the type of engine oil you choose can be a determining factor of how often you need to visit the mechanic. If you were to hold two metal objects in your hand and clang and scrape them against each other, eventually, each of them would begin to wear down. It could be a chip here or a shard there, until there came a time when one would break. In simple terms, this is what happens inside your engine and leads to engine wear and mechanic visits. Without sufficient lubricant and protection, this is essentially what happens inside your engine. By introducing synthetic oil into your engine, each of the small and large parts are covered in a protective film. Along with this film, synthetic oil also flows through your engine as it operates. With this level of protection in place, instead of parts grinding up against each other causing damage, each interaction and motion is smoothly facilitated by synthetic oil. In brief terms, synthetic oil helps to reduce your engine wear and, in turn, how often you need to visit your mechanic.

Every Motorist Can Benefit from a Synthetic Oil Change in Oklahoma City, OK

If you are looking to improve your engine performance, reduce fuel costs, or even visit the mechanic less and extend the lifespan of your vehicle, a synthetic oil change in Oklahoma City, OK can help. To find the best product for your needs, check out the online store or speak with USA Synthetics today at (405) 388 6170.

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