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Now that summer is finally here, families around the country will soon enjoy the adventures of a road trip. This article can help make yours a stress-free event.

Everybody knows that summer is the most favored season and time of the year. Not only is the sun shining and the weather is bright and clear, but children are on school break with parents also taking the opportunity for a vacation. All of this makes a family road trip a great idea. If you love the idea of a road trip but worry that your vehicle and passengers will feel the stress along the way, below is a great post from USA Synthetics which can help.

Start with a Basic Plan

Hollywood would have us all believe that a road trip consists of little more than jumping into the back of a car and singing along to a song for 30 seconds until everybody arrives happy and safe at their destination. And while you don’t need to plan out every aspect of your trip, there are some good planning-pillars to consider:
  • Where are you going?
  • What is your preferred route?
  • What other routes can you take if there are problems on the road?
  • Create a driver schedule to ensure all drivers are aware and rested for their shift.
  • Who is in charge of snacks and drinks?
Just the basic planning steps like the points above are enough to facilitate a smooth road trip without it feeling like a structured event.

Food for Your Engine

Just like you and your passengers want to eat and drink along the way, so too does your engine needs its own type of snacks, which come in the form of engine fluids. A couple of days before you leave, make some time to check the condition and the level of your engine fluids, starting with these:
  • Engine oil
  • Power Steering fluid
  • Brake FLuid
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Even water and soap for your wipers
If you can see any of these fluid levels are low, or it’s obvious that they have reached the end of their service life, don’t just top them up. Instead, flush out the container and replenish it with fresh fluid. Click here to buy Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil and help keep your engine in good shape with a synthetic oil change in Oklahoma City, OK. To place an order or for expert help finding the right product for your engine type, speak with a friendly professional at USA Synthetics by calling (405) 388-6170 or check out the online store for more information.

Time for Your Tires

Despite how tough they look, your tires aren’t impenetrable or impervious to harm. In fact, when you think about the types of road conditions you drive through, it’s easy to imagine how problems might occur. Ensure your tires are road trip ready by bringing your vehicle into the light and checking the condition of your tires:
  • Are there bald spots where there is no tread?
  • Can you see debris lodged in the tread of your tires?
  • Have items punctured your tire and remain in the rubber, such as a nail?
  • Look for cracks in the rubber which could lead to a tire blowout
If any of these issues are present or you can see any other type of damage or concern, be sure to repair the tire or have it replaced before driving on it again.

Car Electrics

Just because your car isn’t an electric car doesn’t mean that it doesn’t rely on a range of electronics to power its safety features and basic functionality. And just because you can’t see any of the wiring doesn’t mean that it isn’t there, and it definitely doesn’t mean that it can’t become damaged or worn. Have a friend or family sit in the vehicle to activate the various electrics in your vehicle while you tour around to make sure everything is working correctly, such as:
  • Tail and brake lights
  • Headlamps
  • Indicators
  • Reverse Lights
  • Warning lights on your dash
Even if you are driving during the day, your tail and brake lights are a big safety product to prevent accidents. However, when undertaking a road trip, it’s difficult to know when you will be driving. For example, if you stop on the side of the road to enjoy some lunch and walk around, you may find yourself driving in the evening when you will require your lights. If one of your headlamps blows during this time, then you will be stuck on the side of the freeway waiting for help to arrive.

Improve Engine Performance with a Synthetic Oil Change in Oklahoma City, OK

Basic maintenance such as a regular synthetic oil change along with these tips can help ensure you and your passengers arrive at your destination safely and stress-free. To find out more about the benefits of a synthetic oil change, speak with a friendly expert on the matter at USA Synthetics by calling (405) 388-6170.

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