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Although engine oil leaks are a common concern among car owners, few are aware of their common signs or causes. If you want to learn more on the matter, read today's post by USA Synthetics in Oklahoma City.

Your vehicle needs several essential fluids and liquids to perform efficiently; however, experts often say the engine's lifeblood is engine oil. This fluid contributes to maximizing the life and performance of your vehicle. It protects and lubricates the engine against premature wear by diminishing friction on its moving parts, not to mention that it also regulates the machine's heat once the engine is warm-up and running. Since engine oil is so important, its leaking should be a top concern for any car owner. If you spot an oily puddle beneath your vehicle at some point, keep in mind that leaking indicates severe engine problems. To that end, the best thing to do to prevent leak-related engine damage is to call a professional mechanic as soon as possible.

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How to Spot Engine Oil Leaks

Most people think oil leaks are easily spotted with the typical oily puddle under the car; however, some leaks occur inside the engine and they aren't as visible. Still, there are some helpful signs to spot hidden leaks. Here are the main clues to look out for:
    • Low oil levels: Checking your oil levels frequently allows you to keep your engine lubricated; however, if you notice the oil levels are down and quickly dropping, it may be a sign of a hidden leak.
    • Stains on the engine: Once the engine is cool, grab a flashlight and visually inspect your engine. Look for small brown oily puddles or stains around the components. You can also check your car's undercarriage; however, make sure to follow your owner's manual safety measures to do so.
    • Burning oil smell: Be aware of unusual smells coming from your engine. When your vehicle is running warm-up and oil leaks onto a hot part of the engine, you'll notice the burned oil smell.

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Common Causes of Engine Oil Leaks

Needless to say, a motor oil leak must be addressed by a professional mechanic. However, for the purposes of this post, we'll cover the main causes of getting an engine oil leak, and how important is to keep the following components well-maintained:
        1. Valve Cover Gasket Fail: A valve gasket is a silicone rubber that holds engine oil between the engine's cylinder head and the valve cover. When the gasket shrinks, cracks, and wears down, it doesn't retain the oil efficiently anymore; therefore, oil starts dripping. If you notice oily residues near the valve cover, make sure to get the gasket checked and replaced.
        2. Worn Oil Filter: Car owners often overlook this filter; therefore, it is usually kept unchanged. Nonetheless, a worn-down oil filter can increase the chances of getting an oil leak. To that end, make sure to replace it every time you change your engine oil.
        3. Oil Pan Gasket Fail: The oil pan gasket is also a common source of leaking. Similar to the valve cover gasket, this one seals fluid between the oil pan and the engine block. However, this gasket usually cracks and wears down over time, letting engine oil slip through its rubber and leak.
        4. Cylinder Head Gasket Fail: If you notice a leak between the cylinder head and the engine block, you might need to replace this specific gasket.

What to do After Spotting an Oil Leak

If you notice any sign of engine oil leaking, don't ignore it; instead, get professional help immediately, since letting a small leak unchecked can cause major damage to your engine. Also, it's worth mentioning that ignoring a leak leads to more severe repair expenses. To that end, follow your vehicle's maintenance and service schedule to keep the engine strong and leak-free.

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