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Are you thinking about selling your car? Whether you are thinking about selling your car or buying a used car, one of the most important things in this transaction is the title transfer process. Read this article by USA Synthetics and learn some tips on how to successfuly transfer title.

The title of a car is the document that states who the owner of a vehicle is. If you are thinking about buying a used car, the owner will need to transfer the title to you, releasing themselves from any obligation as an owner of the vehicle and making you the one and try owner of the car. Transferring the title of a car can be challenging, so to ensure you don’t make any mistakes, read this article by USA Synthetics in Oklahoma City, OK, and learn some tips!

What Are Your State’s Requirements for Transferring Title?

Before anything else, make sure you are well acquainted with your state’s requirements for transferring title. Every state is different, so make sure you learn the specific procedure you need to follow. You can learn about your state’s requirements by finding your DMV (your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles) online and entering your state. After that, look for a link that will direct you to the regulations in your state regarding title transfer.

Make Sure to Double Check the VIN

Throughout the the title transferring process, make sure you are double checking all the vehicle’s information. A crucial piece of information is the vehicle identification number (VIN) Check the VIN on the vehicle’s windshield to ensure it matches to VIN written down on the document. If the number is incorrect, the buyer will not be able to register the car. Make sure to double check to prevent any future issues.

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Write a Bill of Sale

Along with the title, having a bill of the sale is the best way to ensure you have every document that can prove the buyer’s ownership of the vehicle. This document is written by the seller and documents how much was paid for the vehicle as well as the date of transaction and signatures from both parties. Both parties should have a copy of the document.

Ensure to Compare the Odometer Reading

Make sure to double check to ensure the mileage number on the document matches the number on the odometer. The number should not be lower that the number stated in the title. If the number happens to be lower, it could be a sign that the odometer has been tampered with. If you are the buyer, reconsider purchasing the vehicle unless you are given documented proof that explains the number one the odometer being lower.

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Check for Liens

Ensure the vehicle doesn’t have liens. A lien is a legal interest in a piece of property. Even if the vehicle has been owned by the same person for years, it’s important to make sure there isn’t anything that can bring the transferring process to a stop. You can check if the vehicle has a lien by checking with the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state. If the car happens to have a lien, the lien must be paid before continuing the title transfer process.

Review Everything Again and Again

This should go without saying but make sure you check and double check every single detail to ensure all the information on the document is correct. Ensure both parties signed with the right names and on the correct lines. You might think this are silly mistakes but you would be surprised at how often it happens. Double checking will ensure you prevent having to re-do do the document as well as it reduces the chances of having any issues in the future.

After ensuring you are prepared for the title transfer process, make sure you give your vehicle maintenance. Speak with a professional at  USA Synthetics and learn about the benefits of giving your engine amazing products like AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil or call (405) 388-6170 to learn about the benefits of a synthetic oil change in Oklahoma City, OK.


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