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When asked about the kind of adventurers people seek with their vehicles, the most common answers relate to taking on dirt paths on a motorbike or navigating through rough terrain in a 4WD. In fact, 4WD adventures are so popular that we dedicated a previous post to how you can lower engine wear and increase the performance of your 4WD.

Prevent Getting Stuck in the Mud by Keeping Your ATV in Good Shape

Keeping with the theme of off-road adventure, this post from Amsoil Dealer - USA Synthetics is all about your ATV. Below you will find basic maintenance tips to help you keep your ATV in the dirt for longer, and help you from getting stuck in the mud.

From Beginners to Experts

It doesn't matter if you're getting on your ATV for the first time or you've been riding one for years and you have just purchased yourself a new toy, every rider can benefit from the information contained in the owners manual. Before you head out for a ride, take the time to give your owner's manual a read and find out any maintenance requirements which are specific to your model. If your engine breaks down in the middle of a ride, the information in this book could what gets you going again.

Check Your Filter

Similar to your everyday car, your ATV has an oil filter and, over time it will need to be checked and replaced. If you can't remember the last time that you replaced your oil filter, then it's overdue. While you may prefer to take your car to the mechanic for this type of job, riders of all experience levels can replace the oil filter in their ATV. If you aren't sure which oil filter is right for you ATV, don't take a guess. Speak with an expert at Amsoil Dealer - USA Synthetics by calling (405) 388-6170. With a wide range of products to choose from, Amsoil Dealer - USA Synthetics will make sure get the right one for your needs.

Check Your Belts and Your Chains

Various ATV makes and models will have a number of different chains and belts which are vital to the engine's operation. Linked to the first point about checking the owner's manual, find out which chains and belts are present in your ATV and make sure you check their condition around ever three months. If you notice any belts are beginning to wear or have small pieces missing, replace them before your next ride. It only takes a few minutes and can be the difference between a good day out riding with your friends and getting stuck on the sidelines with an ATV that won't go anywhere.

Check Your Battery

Just because your ATV doesn't have a lot of electronics doesn't mean that there isn't a battery. Every 12 months, take a couple of minutes to inspect the condition of your battery to make sure it's in good shape. Depending on its placement and matched with the level of riding you do, it can be easy for water, mud and debris to seep into the battery compartment and cause battery damage.

Check Your Oil Level

Just like all other engines, you only get out of your engine what you put in. Check your oil level a few days before each ride and make sure to top it up if it is running a little low. Given the amount of pressure your oil is put through during your ride, conventional oil can break down and leave small deposits to travel through and damage your engine as you ride. If your ATV came with a tank of conventional oil or it's been a while since you replaced your oil supply, now is the perfect time to make the switch to a synthetic oil. Full synthetic oil has been designed to withstand the type of pressure placed upon it by ATV riders and takes the thrashing in its stride, keeping your ATV engine clean and running at top performance.

The Right Oil for a Synthetic Oil Change Near Me in Edmond

To help keep your engine clean, use only the best synthetic oil for your ATV. AMSOIL have a range of oils which have purpose designed for the task, and getting the right one for you is as easy as calling (405) 388-6170 and speaking with Amsoil Dealer - USA Synthetics. With years of experiencing providing adventurers just like yourself with the best products to keep their rides running better and for longer, Amsoil Dealer - USA Synthetics have just what you're looking for.

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