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When it comes to driving, there are those of us who are happy just making our way casually down a freeway as we head to the beach for a lovely picnic. However, there are also those of us who know that if we really want to get any sort of adventure into our time away, we really need a 4WD to get right into nature. With the power and maneuverability afforded with a 4WD, there really aren’t that many places you can’t go.

What Damage Happens Under the Hood While You Drive and How a Synthetic Oil Change Near Moore Can Protect Against It

If this level of adventure is the type that speaks to you the most, then AMSOIL Dealer - USA Synthetics has some information to share about the level of engine strain encountered during a good 4WD trip and how you can protect your engine against it in order to keep you off the road and on your adventure.

What's Keeping You From Getting Stuck?

There are a few reasons why you don’t take your family sedan or even a compact city car off-roading, but the main one is simply because it doesn’t have the power and torque to get you out of tricky spots slowly. With the power provided through a 4WD, you can take the off-road paths at your own speed, taking measures to ensure you get out of trouble safely and correctly. As you are slowly navigating your way through a track, you’re often sitting in low gears but keeping the rev’s relatively high so that you don’t stall and to keep your torque at the ready. It’s this action that can lead the temperatures inside your engine to rise above their usually high temperatures. When this starts to occur, the oil running through your engine that is working to facilitate smooth operation of the internal parts can begin to thin out and often times even evaporate. As you can imagine, when the oil begins to evaporate it leaves less and less to protect your engine’s components, leaving them bare as they grind against each other, literally metal clashing against metal. For serious 4WD drivers who want to not only take care of their engines but lower their visits to the mechanic for part replacement, they choose a synthetic oil change near Moore. The difference between your regular conventional oil and a full synthetic oil are the effects the heat can have. Full synthetic oil includes additives that all work together to ensure it retains its consistency and defends against breakdown and oxidation. To give your 4WD what it needs to keep you going without damaging your engine, speak with AMSOIL Dealer - USA Synthetics at (405) 388-6170 and talk to an expert. With experience helping adventurers just like yourself to stay out of trouble while off-roading, AMSOIL Dealer - USA Synthetics can give you expert advice and the right product to keep you going.

The Cause of Engine Oil Breakdown

Of course, this isn’t the only effect this level of driving takes on an engine and its oil. The use of inferior oil, such as conventional oil based engine lubricant, has another damaging effect on your engine, it’s called breakdown. Under extreme temperatures such as those mentioned above or when placed under extreme pressure to give you the extra power you need, the few additives inside conventional oil break away and begin to accumulate as deposits throughout the linings of your engine and in between each part. Small at the start, this accumulation quickly builds and directly interferes with the actions of each part, preventing it from performing as designed. Over time, this can translate to a serious reduction in engine performance and an increase in the number of visits you are required to make to the mechanic for service and part replacement. For serious 4WD adventurers, protecting their engine against all levels of damage and extending the lifespan of their engine is crucial to their enjoyment and something that doesn’t require a lot of work. For these drivers, they choose a synthetic oil to replace their outdated conventional oil, ensuring their engine stays well protected and can perform at its best throughout their adventures - keeping them out of trouble. If this sounds like you, speak with AMSOIL Dealer - USA Synthetics at (405) 388-6170 and talk with a professional. With a range of high-quality synthetic oil products to choose from matched with extensive experience helping adventurers just like you, AMSOIL Dealer - USA Synthetics can make sure you get the right product for your needs, keeping you off the road and out of the ditch.

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