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If you were to think about Hollywood icons, the likes of Elvis and James Dean spring to mind when they made us all envious riding around on motorbikes in nothing but denim, it was those two!

However, as cool as they looked on their bikes and denim, it’s important to remember that (spoiler alert!) they were never actually riding a motorbike! For this reason, safety was never a real concern, which allowed fashion to dictate how they looked.

How to Stay Safe on Your Bike

But as any serious rider who has even sat on a bike will tell you, wearing clothes to make you look cool just isn’t a good idea. Below is some information from USA Synthetics on the items you should be wearing each time that you get on your bike.

A Motorcycle Helmet

Whether you like what you see in the mirror or not, it’s what is inside that counts. Literally! Your brain is the most important part of your body and should be the first part which you protect. Here’s what to look for in a motorcycle helmet:
  • Is it the right size? Don’t save money by taking a friend’s old helmet which doesn’t fit properly, get yourself your own which fits perfectly. Not too tight so that you don’t want to wear it but not so loose that it defeats the purpose of wearing it.
  • If the helmet has a visor, can you see through it safely?
  • If you enjoy using a Bluetooth earpiece will the helmet accommodate it?
  • Is it made from high-quality materials?

Now to Your Jacket

Unfortunately riding your motorbike isn’t the time to show off your denim jacket to the world. Instead, it’s time to show off your enjoyment of an injury-free life by wearing a motorcycle jacket with these attributes:
  • It isn’t a regular bike jacket. It isn’t a DIY safety jacket. And it definitely isn’t a high-vis jacket from a construction site. It’s a motorcycle jacket.
  • It’s made for the purpose of protecting a rider when on a motorbike.
  • Ensure that it is made from a high-quality material and is made with high-quality stitching to ensure the pieces stay together under stress
  • While wearing it on your bike, can you comfortably reach everything that you need to?
  • Will it protect you from the elements?
  • Does it have spaces for your personal items while you ride?
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Time for Your Pants

As with the jacket, it’s time to give away the idea of wearing denim while riding a bike and instead be sure to wear pants which include these aspects:
  • Similar to the jacket, be sure the quality and build is high
  • If you can’t get on and off your bike comfortably and reach the pedals with ease
  • Be sure they can protect you from the elements
  • Look for pants with reinforcements in the legs
  • They have sufficient space for you to keep your personal items

Lastly, It’s Your Boots

Boots, not shoes. Not sneakers. And, absolutely not flip-flops! As comfortable and free-spirited as these items of footwear can make you feel while riding, neither are going to protect your feet if you need it. Instead, look for boots with the following:
  • When you’re looking at boots, pick them up and give them a good twist. When you do, imagine your foot inside the boot as you come off your bike. The more movement the boot has, the more your foot will be able to move and be injured
  • Be sure you can use the pedals and walk without slipping
  • If they aren’t the right size, choose again. Even if it means saving a lot of money, be sure to get a size that fits comfortably and allows you to control your pedals easily and accurately
  • Are they going to protect you in the rain?

Extend the lifespan of your bike’s engine with a synthetic oil change in Oklahoma City, OK

In addition to the above safety gear, it’s important to realize that the best thing you can do to stay safe on the road is to pay attention and ride safely! Always ride with your common sense switch firmly in the on position. When it comes time for engine maintenance and repair, you only get out what you put in. For this reason, be sure to use only the best engine lubricants in your bike. Speak with USA Synthetics at (405) 388-6170 to learn more about the AMSOIL range and to find out how a synthetic oil change in Oklahoma City, OK can boost the performance of your engine and help to extends its lifespan.

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