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Many people think of dirt bike riding as an extreme sport, however, it can also be a great and social past time.

If you were to think about a potential past-time, there is a fair chance that dirt bike riding doesn’t spring to mind. This is likely due to the general belief that dirt bike riding is an extreme sport or younger people. However, the reality of dirt bike riding is that it is for anybody, including families.

Benefits to Dirt Bike Riding

If you, or even you and your family, have been looking for a new past-time, below is a great post from USA Synthetics about how dirt bike riding can be a worthy consideration.

A Great Social and Family Event

Easily, the first benefit to dirt bike riding is the social aspect of the sport. Sure, you see single riders tearing around a track on TV, but in reality, this isn’t what it’s about. If you were to head to a local dirt bike track, you would be surprised at just how many families were there to spend the day, bringing with them a picnic and some shade, and socializing with other families there to enjoy some time in the outdoors. This atmosphere is great for yourself and your children to make new friends. In addition to making new friends, enthusiasts are always happy to share their tips, tricks, and even mechanical suggestions to help you get started on the right track (pardon the pun).

Strength Training

If you are looking for an activity to boost your health and fitness levels, then look no further. While it’s true that riding a road bike doesn’t require a lot of strength, dirt bike riding requires you to continuously move your body as you make your way over jumps and general terrain and bumps in the track. As examples, your core is likely to get a solid workout while you balance to keep yourself upright, as well as your legs and calves as you move your body up and down to compensate for the track you’re riding on. If you find lifting weights at a gym or exercising to a video to be boring, riding a dirt-bike could be just what you need to get your body active and improve your health levels. Of course, it's also a great way for your children to enjoy exercise without even knowing that they are doing it. Click here to buy 10W-40 Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil which can keep your dirt bike’s engine running smoothly with a simple synthetic oil change. To find out more about how a synthetic oil change can benefit your ride, speak with an expert at USA Synthetics by calling (405) 388-6170 or check out the online store for more information about the range of AMSOIL products available.


If you have children then you know just how important it is to teach them responsibility, which you usually do through chores. Dirt bike riding can also be a great lesson in responsibility for children due to the maintenance required to keep a bike in good condition and ensure it's ready for the next use. After each ride, you will need to wash down the bike and perform simple, yet powerful maintenance items. Performing these with your children can be a powerful lesson in responsibility as they learn to appreciate the value of a dirt bike and the importance of showing it respect with regular maintenance and care.

Stress Relief

If you have tried yoga but found it too quiet or given puzzles a try but found them too boring, then it might be time to look outside the norm. Stress relieving activities don’t have to be slow or quiet, they just have to give your brain and your body something to focus on, and dirt bike riding provides just that. Riding a dirt bike and staying on track requires a lot of mental attention and physical activity. Combined, there can help you to zone-out of your daily problems and focus all of your energies on the task at hand.

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