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This season calls for fun, muddy trails, and ATV riding! To that end, ensure to stay safe by reading the following safety tips by USA Synthetics in Oklahoma City.

Riding an ATV is all about being outdoors, bringing friends and family along, exploring new terrains, and enjoying the off-road adrenaline to the fullest! For all those reasons, you probably can't wait to take your all-terrain vehicle this summer for a new trail expedition; however, make sure to go through the following safety advice first.

Don't Ride Without Wearing a Helmet

It goes without saying that wearing a helmet is vital to improve your safety on an ATV. Of course, you don't want to face any hazard off-road; however, you need to take preventive measures for any potential riding incident. To that end, helmets protect your head from impact by softening the smash with a controlled braking force. For that reason, keep in mind that you can reduce the risk of a head injury by following this suggestion.

Wear Protective Gear

Picture this; you're riding through a secluded trail with your friends, the adrenaline is building up, and suddenly, flying gravel hits your eye! The fun stops, and you have to deal with an irritated eye for the rest of the ride. Needless to say, you want to avoid trail-related mishaps; therefore, make sure to wear proper riding safety gear. You can start by protecting your eyes with special off-road goggles. Also, give protection and comfort to your hands by using off-road gloves. Protect your skin from scratches along the trail by wearing long sleeves and pants. Last but not least, protect and support your ankles with a good pair of boots.

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Ride With Caution

Careless driving can lead you to lose control of your ATV. Hence, make sure to avoid risky situations by looking into your owner's manual to learn about warnings and challenging conditions for your vehicle. For instance, you can find out which angle is too steep for your ATV, the maximum water depth you can ride, how to traverse a surface or the correct technique to turn.

Don't Drink and Drive

Getting behind the handlebars of your ATV while being intoxicated is a potentially fatal decision. Hence, alcohol can cause you to lose coordination, perceive less information, have slow reflexes, and experience impaired vision. Needless to say, ATVs require riders to have the best mental and physical condition to ride safely; for that reason, make sure to prioritize your safety and ride sober.

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Give Your ATV Periodic Maintenance

Keeping your ATV's engine in optimal condition reduces your chance of being left stranded on the trails with a broken vehicle; moreover, it extends your wheeler's life for more trail enjoyment! So, before going on your next off-road trip, make sure to inspect the main components and fluids of your vehicle. Here's a checklist of things you may want to look into:
  • Tire Pressure: Measure your tires' inflation with a low-pressure gauge and ensure each tire has the recommended air pressure (you can verify this tech spec in your owner's manual).
  • Brakes: A safe ride requires top efficiency on the braking system. On that account, check your owner's manual to make sure your brake controls are properly adjusted and work smoothly.
  • Gas Tank: Check your fuel tank before each ride, and make sure it's filled for a long day on the trails.
  • Air Filter: Your engine needs oxygen as much as it needs fuel to run efficiently. To that end, ensure a clean air supply by keeping your air filter free of dust, bugs, and debris.
  • Lights: Test the condition of the lights to make sure they work correctly.
  • Fluids: Your engine needs lubrication to work efficiently; therefore, make sure to check the oil, coolant, and diff levels. If you notice any leaking, get a professional inspection.

Improve Your Riding Safety And Efficiency by Giving Your ATV a Synthetic Oil Change in Oklahoma City

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