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Preventive maintenance is key to rely on your vehicle; thus, this post by USA Synthetics in Oklahoma City covers the checks you must prioritize each year for your car maintenance schedule.

Owning a car comes with many expectations; you hope for it to run smoothly, perform efficiently, last for as long as possible, and overall get the best out of it. Thus, you must be at the top of your car's maintenance and service requirements to meet your hopes for it; to that end, this post by USA Synthetics gives you a general idea of the service a vehicle commonly requires every year. Thus, read below if you want to familiarize yourself with the main checks and services in a car maintenance schedule.

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Find Out the Main Checks For Your Yearly Car Maintenance Schedule

For starters, since each vehicle is different, you must refer to your owner's manual for specific requirements, instructions, and service intervals to keep your vehicle in top shape. Regardless, keep reading to find out the most important maintenance requirements to follow yearly.

Monthly Checks

Ensuring your vehicle's well-being starts with simple checks you can perform each month. Fortunately, none of the following revisions requires complex mechanical knowledge or significant expenses; therefore, you only need your owner's manual to serve them:
  • Synthetic oil levels: Something as simple as checking your engine oil levels can maximize your vehicle's lifespan. After all, engine oil has essential functions that keep your vehicle operating smoothly; for example, it lubricates the engine's moving pieces to avoid premature wear due to friction and overheat.
  • Tire pressure: Given that your engine's performance relies on your tires, it's vital to supervise them regularly. To that end, check each tire's air pressure to ensure they function with the operational pressure determined in your owner's manual.
  • Car Wash: If you want your vehicle to look amazing at all times, protect its paint job with a thorough wash once a month. Also, make sure to remove accumulated items from your car's trunk, backseat, and floors. On the whole, a clean car is safer, lighter, and more enjoyable to drive.

Every Three Months Maintenance

Regular car use for three months gets you approximately 3,000 miles. At that specific mileage, most cars require a general fluid check. To that end, make sure to top off your engine's main fluids and liquids with the following revisions:
  • Coolant: This fluid regulates your engine's temperature; hence, supervising its levels is an effective way to prevent your car from overheating. To that end, make sure your engine's coolant reserve is topping off.
  • Brake Fluid: In terms of safety, brake fluid is key. Each time you step on your brakes, this fluid gets pressurized to allow your wheels a complete stop. So, since overlooking its levels could lead to high-risk driving, make sure to check brake fluid levels once every three months.
  • Transmission Fluid: Much like engine oil, this fluid keeps all the moving gear within the transmission system well-lubricated. Given that, you must ensure transmission fluid has good conditions and a proper level each trimester.
  • Power Steering Fluid: Needless to say, your steering wheel's functions rely on this fluid; hence, don't skip on supervising it and making sure its levels are optimal.

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Every Six Months Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is key to minimizing your vehicle's value depreciation and reducing the chances of requiring costly repairs over time. To that end, make sure to keep your car in tip-top shape with the following checks each six months or 6,000 miles approximately:
  • Battery check: This check can reduce your chances of being left stranded with a drained battery; hence, get it checked twice a year to keep it at an operative range between 12.4 and 12.7 volts.
  • Tires rotation: Typically, tires start to wear unevenly after many miles of use; given that, you must reposition them to avoid the risks of driving with irregular tires, such as traction issues, unsafe driving, or increased chances of getting a tire blowout.
  • Air filter: This component is vital to maintain your engine in clean working condition. Hence, it's important to keep an eye on your air filter to ensure it's not clogged with accumulated dirt.
  • Fuel filter: This filter plays a crucial role in keeping the fuel fresh and free from damaging particles; thus, supervise its condition twice a year.

Twelve Month Car Maintenance Schedule

Finally, your vehicle requires the following services after being driven around for about 10,000 miles:
  • Synthetic oil change: Engine oil tends to degrade and diminish its functions over time; therefore, it's essential to replace it once every year approximately.
  • Brakes: Since your brakes are a crucial component in terms of safety, they must be serviced once a year to prevent unsafe driving.
  • Wheel Alignment: This maintenance allows you to drive smoothly by adjusting the suspension and the steering at their proper angles. All in all, it's essential to perform a wheel alignment on your car at least once a year.

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