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The apparent simplicity of a lawn mower often sees it placed in the 'zero maintenance' category where it receives no attention at all. And while it's operation is a basic one, similar to all engines and tools, attention needs to be paid towards it.

Don't Let the Condition of Your Lawn Mower Deteriorate

Providing a full range of products for owners of all engine types to perform a synthetic oil change, USA synthetic knows a thing or two about engine and machine maintenance. With this knowledge, we have prepared a basic checklist to help you keep your lawn mower in good shape. Before we begin, however, it is important for your safety that you remove the spark plug from your lawn mower before attempting any maintenance.

Start With a Clean

Apart from taking pride in your machine, keeping your lawn mower clean is a good way to extend its overall lifespan. Given the work that it does it is easy for debris to get stuck to the body of your lawn mower, leading to potential corrosion. This point is even more prevalent when discussing your mower blades. Depending on how often you use your lawn mower, take the time to clean them regularly. If you notice any signs of wear on your blades, remove them and replace them before using your lawn mower.

Lawn Mower Blades

Following on, it is important that your blades are sufficiently sharp. While the obvious reason is that it provides a cleaner cut, dull blades often leave shards uncut. This results in you having to spend extra time mowing the same space multiple times. If you have the correct tools, sharpen your blades yourself. If you don't, or you are unsure how to do it, take your lawn mower to a service center and either ask for them to do it or show you how.

Maintain Clean Oil

Just because the engine in your lawn mower is small and basic does not mean that it doesn't require clean oil to operate efficiently. Look through your owner's manual for the advised frequency of your oil changes. If you have just purchased a new lawn mower, it is likely that you will need to perform a synthetic oil change after the first five hours of operation. If you are unsure which oil is best suited to your lawn mower, our online store has a range of products available with information about each one. If you prefer to speak directly to an expert, call USA Synthetics at (405) 388 6170 and discuss the make and model of your lawn mower.

Keep Your Air Filter Clean

As you mow, small pieces of grass and dust are going to flow into your air intake and end up in your air filter. While this is the very purpose of an air filter, after a while it can become too clogged to function and impact the performance of your lawn mower. If you are using a paper-based air filter and it has become clogged, a straight replacement is in order. If your air filter is foam based, you can simply remove it from your engine and clean it with detergent. Keep in mind that cleaning your air filter can only be performed a limited number of times. If, as you take it out to clean it, it looks like it's reached the end of its life, it's time to replace it. If you are unsure whether it is able to continue working, align its replacement with your regular synthetic oil change.

Keep Your Spark Plug Fresh

Just because it only has one spark plug doesn't mean that it isn't necessary. In fact, if this one spark plug stops operating, your lawn mower isn't going to start. If you notice that your lawn mower is getting difficult to start, or you have been operating it for around 100 hours, consider replacing your spark plug. It is a good idea to keep a spare on in your garage or workstation. When working with or replacing your spark plug, always ensure that the lawn mower and blades are face down and on solid ground.


Last, but certainly not least, is storage. Always store your lawn mower out of the elements and covered with a breathable lawn mower cover to prevent moisture buildup. If you are storing it away between seasons, give it a thorough clean and wipe down beforehand, and empty any oil and petrol that is left inside.

Give Your Lawn Mower Engine What It Needs With a Synthetic Oil Change in Moore

Just like all engines, a synthetic oil change provides it with a protective barrier which not only facilitates smooth operation but also works to reduce component damage. However, it is important that you do not use the same synthetic oil in your lawn mower as you do for your car. Instead, speak with USA Synthetics at (405) 388-6170 to get the right product.

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