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Motor oil is an essential fluid for your vehicle's functions and maintenance! Ensuring its proper levels helps you prevent friction, engine failures, and leaks. If you're a new car owner, learn easy tips on how you can check your vehicle's oil levels by reading this article by USA Synthetics.

First-time car owners develop their mechanical skills over time. Nevertheless, one of the first things you can learn is how to check your car's oil levels. As you may know, cars need to be checked by a mechanical expert from time to time. However, checking your engine's oil is something you can do at least once a month to ensure your car's in good condition. If you need more information about this topic, USA Synthetics has valuable information for you today.

Why is Important to Check Your Car's Motor Oil?

Your car's engine produces friction and heat to start, accelerate, decelerate, and stop. Motor oil lubricates the moving parts on your car's engine to help it run smoothly and prevent friction damage or failure due to heat; therefore, motor oil is vital for extending your car's lifespan and performance. Needless to say, you want to check this essential fluid regularly!

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Before Checking Your Car's Oil Levels, Follow These Steps

  • Get your owner's manual: Although checking your car's oil is an easy task, keeping your owner's manual close might be helpful if you need to learn more about your car's technical specs.
  • Get a piece of washcloth: This will help you work with oil; however, you can use a paper towel if you don't have any cloth.
  • Park your car at a flat surface: You want to level your vehicle to get an accurate oil reading. If you are unsure of where to find a flat surface, try the gas station!
  • Shut your engine off: The most convenient way to check your vehicle's fluids is while the engine is cold; otherwise, the level reading might be imprecise.

Locate the Oil Dipstick

After following the first steps, you are ready to lift your car's hood to locate the oil dipstick. It usually looks like a bright yellow handle. To be sure, you can check your owner's manual to recognize it. Afterward, pull the dipstick out and clean it with the washcloth. You'll notice level markings at the end of the dipstick; these will measure your car's oil.

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Check Your Car's Motor Oil Levels

After spotting the marks, place the dipstick back in the oil tube for a couple of seconds, then pull it out again and keep the tip lower. If the oil reading is at the lowest mark, it means your car's engine needs lubrication, and you should add more oil to it. Moreover, you want the normal oil level reading, which is between the middle and high marks. In contrast, an overfilled dipstick will have oil at its highest mark. If your level is high, be sure to check on it since it can cause leaks and other damages to your car.

Check Oil's Color And Consistency

Along with checking your car's oil levels, you might also prevent leakings by testing the oil's color and consistency. To look into it, wipe off the motor's oil from the dipstick with your fingers. If you notice a foamy or thick texture, your car's engine might be leaking; in that case, your vehicle needs to be examined and repaired by a mechanical expert. As for oil's color, generally speaking, it has an amber tone if the car's brand new; however, you can expect it to change to dark brown over time, as combustion particles get mixed with the fluid. Although, if the color gets as dark as coffee, it's time for an oil change! When it comes to your car's condition, staying on top of its maintenance can ensure you a better performance for a longer time.

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