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Find out what the light on your dash means and what you need to do when each warning light comes on, including information on products to help and general maintenance tips. No matter how many years you have driven for or how many cars you own, there always seems to be a new light on the dash. What the light means, you don't know. But what you do know is that its constant flashing is telling you that something needs your attention.

Understanding What the Light on Your Dash Means

If you are tired of driving around wondering what the flashing light means but don't have time to take your car to a mechanic, especially if it turns out to be something minor, then this article from USA Synthetics can help.

Thermometer in Water

If you can see this light on your dash, then the operating temperatures inside your engine have exceeded the recommended levels. In short, your engine is overheating. The best way to fix this is to shut off your vehicle, wait for your engine to cool down, and then to tend to its water and coolant levels. When doing this, remember to let your radiator and engine cool down first. If you put cold water into a steaming hot radiator, it can cause the radiator to crack.

A Battery

Just at it would suggest, this light indicates a problem with the voltage in your battery. As you drive, your car's alternator recharges the battery. The problem arises when your battery doesn't hold the charge, and you are stuck trying to turn the key in the morning listening to the horrid sounds of an engine with a dead battery. If you see this light, check the condition of your battery. It could be something as simple as loose connections or corrosion on your terminals.

A Classic Oil Can

If the light looks like the oil can used to lubricate the Tin Man, then it means a loss of oil pressure. This is a serious light which shouldn't be ignored. If oil isn't running through your engine, then you are at serious risk of causing engine damage, potentially leaving you with the need to replace your entire engine If you see this light, immediately pull over and check your oil levels once the car has cooled. If your levels are low, replace it with a high-quality synthetic engine oil. Click here to buy high-quality engine lubricants from the USA Synthetics online store. If you need more information, call (405) 388-6170 and an expert will ensure you find the right product your engine. Products such as AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil can extend the lifespan of your engine through improved lubrication.

An Empty Circle With an Exclamation Point Inside It

An important light to recognize, this indicator is telling you that your brake system is failing or has failed. If your car is modern, this can mean an electronic fault which could prevent your brakes from engaging. If your car is an older model, it can simply mean that your brake pads need replacing.

Person Sitting on a Seat With a Big Circle in Front of Their Face

The idea behind this icon is that it depicts an air bag. You likely see it when you first switch on your car. The lights come on to alert you that the system is turning on and becoming ready. If it stays on after a few seconds or comes on as you drive, it means the airbag system is not operating correctly. If this light stays on in your vehicle, take it to your mechanic or vehicle safety expert immediately. A fault in the airbag system could mean that the airbags will not deploy in the event of a collision.

Your Engine

You don't know why you recognize that it's depicting your engine, but you see it when you look at it. And this is a good thing. But what does it mean? If you see your 'check engine' light on, the first place to check is your gas tank. It likely means that the cap wasn't securely tightened at the pump. If it stays on, connect your dash to a small OBD device, or connect the cable to your smartphone and retrieve the diagnostics information. Often the problem is minor and something which you can either fix yourself or provide direct instructions for your mechanic to save time on diagnostics.

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