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Gas prices seem to be rising and rising with no signs of returning to the good old days. To help you improve your fuel economy and reduce your monthly gas budget, this article has some tips. Each time that you fill up your tank at the gas station you can almost feel your wallet or purse getting lighter; It just seems that gas prices keep increasing with no signs that they will ever return to the days of truly affordable fuel. And while there might not be much that you can do about the price at the gas station, there is much that you can do to lower the number of times you need to visit each year. To help get you started, USA Synthetics has some great tips to offer.

What's the Rush?

The light has barely changed to green before your plant your foot as hard on the gas pedal as you can! Your car leaps forward as you race towards...the next red light. Of course, once you furiously arrive you are soon joined by your fellow drivers who coast gently and calmly to join you at the red light. While you may have arrived at the light earlier, you also used more fuel to do it. That's right - all of those small instances where you simply must be the first to arrive add up! If you think about it, your car is nothing more than a very heavy solid object. You would have a hard time pushing it from behind if it were stopped. However, this is exactly what you're asking your engine to do at great speed - push your vehicle forward from a standing start. So the next time the light changes to green, take it easy instead.

How Healthy Is Your Car?

Inside your engine is a number of metal parts, both small and large that need to interact with each other to keep your engine running. This interaction comes in the form of scraping and grinding against each other at high speeds and under high temperatures.As you can guess, metal scraping against metal results in a lot of friction. The more friction that occurs, the harder that each part has to work just to do its job. And as you can imagine, the harder your engine needs to work, the more fuel it uses. To prevent this, your engine utilizes a number of fluids. Namely, your engine oil. A high-quality synthetic engine oil coats each of your engine parts with a thin yet protective film. With this barrier in place, each of the parts glides up against each other causing no friction and leading to a reduction in your gas usage. Click here to buy AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil, designed to help improve your fuel economy and the overall health of your engine. To learn more about how a synthetic oil change in Oklahoma City, OK can improve your engine performance, speak with USA Synthetics at (405) 388-6170.

Change It Up!

Do you always get stuck waiting in traffic as you cross town each Wednesday afternoon to collect your dry cleaning? How about each Thursday morning when you sit for seemingly hours as traffic navigates its way around years long road works? All of this time stuck in traffic is not having a positive effect on your gas usage. Instead of just accepting that you will get stuck in traffic all the time, do something about it! Look through your weekly errands list for ways that you can move the days and times of your obligations in a way that lowers the time stuck in traffic. For example, look for a day where you will be closer to the dry cleaner and complete your chore then, instead of a separate trip.

Under Pressure!

No, we aren't talking about the popular Queen song. Instead, this tip comes in the form of your tire pressure. The next time you are near a gas station, stop in to use the air compressor and check the level of your tires. If your pressure is looking a little low, now is the perfect time to pump them up. This includes the spare which you hopefully have in your trunk. As you drive, resistance builds up as the surface of your tires comes into contact with the road. The most of your tire that touches the road, the more resistance that occurs. The more resistance that your engine comes up against, the harder that it needs to work to keep you moving forward. And you can guess where that extra energy comes from!

A Synthetic Oil Change in Oklahoma City, OK Can Help

There are many maintenance items that every car owner can complete at home, and a synthetic oil change is one of them. The benefits of a synthetic oil change not only include an improvement in your fuel economy but also a cleaner engine and one which can last you longer. To speak with an expert for more information, call USA Synthetics at (405) 388-6170, or alternatively, check out their online store to discover the full range of high-quality AMSOIL products.

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