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Tips to Help You Stay Cool in Your Car This Summer

The hot summer weather can cause scorching temperatures inside your vehicle. The extreme heat trapped in your vehicle can cause dangerous conditions for you and your passengers. Avoid the unbearable conditions by making some simple and smart choices. USA Synthetics in Oklahoma City has some tips to help keep you and your car cool all summer long.

Park in the Shade

Parking in direct sunlight will cause high temperatures and uncomfortable conditions in your vehicle. Do your best to find a parking space in the shade whenever possible. If your car has been parked in the sun, make sure to air it out for a few minutes before stepping in. If you're familiar with the area and trust it, it's a good idea to leave your windows slightly open to allow air to circulate.

Use a Sunshade

Sunshades are very useful when you are forced to park outdoors and in the sun. They will help stop sunlight from entering your vehicle through the windshield. This can help keep the temperature lower in your vehicle. Since sunshades block the sun's rays, they will also protect your interiors from sun damage.

Be Strategic With Your Air Conditioner

When you're stepping into a hot car, make sure to open your windows to allow hot air to escape. Turn on your air conditioner, but only use your bottom vents at first. The cool air will start to fill your vehicle from the bottom up and will help push the hot air out. Once your car is feeling cooler, roll the windows up and use whichever vents you like.

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