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Taking care of your family's economy is no joke. After all, you surely want to provide for your loved ones and give them the best, for which you need to save up some money here and there. To help you out with this, in this post you'll find a few tips on how you can improve your vehicle's fuel efficiency and how much you get out of the gasoline you feed it.

How to Improve Your Fuel Economy

Maintain Your Vehicle

A poorly maintained vehicle (e.g. with worn out tires) is a lot harder to drive, which affects how much gas it uses up. Keep your vehicle in perfect shape so you can save on your gas bill as well.

Use High-Quality Additives

AMSOIL's P.i. Performance Improver Gasoline Additive was created to help you get the most mileage out of your fuel. Using it will ensure that you'll take care of your vehicle and your pocket.

Drive Carefully

Driving fast and recklessly or hitting the pedal and brakes too often, only wastes gas. Instead, have physics and inertia by your side, and go at a steady pace below the speed limit, to be more fuel-conscious.

Stay Fresh

Here's the thing: while some people say that using the AC is more wasteful, others argue that rolling the windows down makes the car heavier (thus, using more gas). In this dilemma, the choice is yours!

Do Not Overpack

The last tip to keep in mind for a more economic ride is that the fuller or heavier your car is, the more gas it'll require to keep going. Be mindful of what you're taking so you don't burn through your fuel.

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