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There is never a bad time to give your vehicle some basic at-home maintenance, so why not start your regular schedule this fall with basic maintenance tips to perform this Fall. For the majority of motorists, the barrier to giving their car any form of maintenance is the perception that, if they aren’t a mechanic, then there really isn't’ anything which they can do to really get better performance from their vehicle or help it to last longer. However, just as USA Synthetics knows, this is nothing more than a misperception.

Basic At-Home Vehicle Maintenance to Get You Through Fall

Below is a great list of basic vehicle maintenance which any motorist can do in their driveway without needing to leave their car with their mechanic for days.

A Clean Car Is a Healthy Car

There is more to keeping your car clean then just looking good. Cleaning your car also helps to reduce serious damage, such as things like rust! With this in mind, take to your car with as many cleaning products as possible and clean, clean, clean! Be sure to pay particular attention to these troublesome areas:
  • Any and all rubber seals around your car. The most common are the ones around your doors and the ones which press against your windows. These spaces are notorious for collecting dust and moisture.
  • Instead of just waving the vacuum under your seats, really get in there and clean underneath. Because it is out of sight, if any moisture or debris collects underneath your seats then it is left to cause damage, such as mold and rust.
  • Vacuuming your trunk just isn’t enough. Take out everything in your trunk, give it a solid clean including scrubbing and stain removal, and then clean the items before packing them back in.

Replace the Oil Filter

Can you remember the last time you replaced your oil filter? How about the last time that you had your mechanic do it? What about the previous owner? If you don’t know the answer to either of these then now is the time. Your oil filter is responsible for removing debris and pollutants from oil engine oil, helping to keep your engine clean and performing well. Once it gets full, however, it can't-do its job anymore and just allows pollutants to continue circulating, causing damage and reducing your engine performance. For this reason, be sure to pay it the attention it deserves. When you replace your oil filter, consider also performing a synthetic oil change to flush out any contaminants and give your car a fresh start of sorts. Click here to buy AMSOIL Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil to give your engine what it needs to perform. To find out more, speak with an expert at USA Synthetics by calling (405) 388-6170 today.

Replace the Air Filter

Speaking of filters, did you know that your car also has an air filter? Did you know that it has nothing to do with your climate control system? At a basic level, the power for your engine comes from a spark. This spark is ignited by combining a set amount of fuel together with a set amount of clean air. The cleaner the air, the better the spark. Over time, your air filter can become so clogged that it either begins to allow debris to enter into your combustion chamber or even worse, doesn’t allow any air to enter at all! Neither of these is good scenarios and neither helps your car perform at its best Your air filter is easily located under the hood of your car and will be covered with a large plastic cover. If you are using an air filter which with a fiber you can clean, get out the house and some purpose designed cleaning solution and get to it. If not, then a replacement is going to be your best bet. While you have the air filter out of its housing, take the time to wipe a damp cloth in and around the casing to remove any dust.

Battery Condition and Electrics

The more charging and connection cables that you keep lugging into your car, the harder that your battery has to work. However, despite the job that it does, it doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. A quick visual inspection is all it takes to see the condition of your battery. If you can see corrosion or acid building up on the terminals, safely disconnect the battery and clean the area. If you have the feeling that your battery is crying out to be replaced, consider it a fall gift. Once the battery is in good shape, get a friend to help you check that all of your electrics and signals are working correctly. It only takes a couple of minute sand can avoid dangerous situations caused by other drivers not knowing your intentions.

Synthetic Oil Change in Oklahoma City, OK

As you can see from this article, there is much that you can do to give your car a performance boost and to help minimize damage to your engine and body. When performing any type of vehicle maintenance, ensure you are using only the best products for the job. Speak with USA Synthetics at (405) 388-6170 to find out which high-quality AMSOIL product is best suited to your needs. Alternatively, feel free to browse the online store for additional information about each of the products available.

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