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Automatic Transmission Performance Tips

Manual transmissions last longer than automatics, but your automatic does not have to live a short life. Follow these easy tips to keep your automatic transmission functioning at peak performance.
  • Warm the engine before putting it into gear, especially in cold weather. To operate effectively, the transmission fluid needs to be at an elevated temperature.
  • Come to a complete stop before shifting from Drive to Reverse, or vice versa.
  • Do not downshift when braking or coming off the freeway.
  • Do not spin your tires except in case of emergency.
  • Always use your parking brake, especially if parked on a hill, to reduce stress on the transmission's parking pawl.
  • Avoid bumping the curb when parking. While your bearings and drive shaft can certainly bear the stress of sudden stops at slow speeds, the additional fatigue is unnecessary.
  • Fix any overheating problems. Even if you are still able to drive your vehicle at high temperatures, excessive heat transfers from the engine to the transmission and is the leading cause of engine and transmission failures.
  • Take your vehicle in at the first sign of transmission trouble. The longer you sit on a problem, the more costly it will be to repair it.
  • The most important step you can take is to regularly change your automatic transmission fluid (ATF). Be aware that most tune-up centers will not change your fluid unless you request it. You should replace the ATF every year or every 15,000 miles. Never drive if your fluid is low. Check the ATF level when the engine is hot and fill it up when necessary.
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