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Improve Performance for Any Engine

With a wide range of high performance synthetic oils, the benefits of AMSOIL synthetic oils are not restricted to your car or truck.  In this post, USA Syn Oil in Oklahoma City has information about other unique high quality lubricants for all vehicles and equipment.

Identifying Unique Driver Requirements

One of the many benefits of AMSOIL synthetic lubricants are that they are designed to fit the unique challenge placed upon engines or varying type. AMSOIL identified a requirement for high-quality lubricants to provide reserve protection against heat damage and sludge that was present in transmissions found in hardworking engines. To address this, AMSOIL developed its Signature Series Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid.  Until its release, commercial contractors and general motorists were not able to obtain a synthetic transmission fluid that could deliver a protection guarantee for twice what the original equipment manufacturer was recommending for a severe-service rain interval. It is this peace of mind that AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic ATF can provide for your engines over the long haul.

Synthetic Oil for Your Dirt Bike

Another perfect example of AMSOIL's unique approach to the lubricant market is when AMSOIL sponsored supercross and motocross riders reported that one of the biggest benefits an oil can deliver is a consistent clutch feel. With this information, AMSOIL engineers utilized a state of the art test lab where they could design a new range of chemical formulations to achieve this requirement. Testing was completed at a purpose designed AMSOIL mechanical lab where the lubricants were put to the test. It was months of lab and on the track testing that resulted in the superior AMSOIL Dirt Bike Oil, delivering riders with their required clutch feel alongside superior wear protection.

The Best Synthetic Oil in Oklahoma City

If you are interested in the benefits that AMSOIL synthetic oils can provide for your engine, speak with an AMSOIL specialist here at USA Syn Oil on 405-388-6170. Our online store also has some product information to help you find the perfect AMSOIL synthetic oil to fit your needs.

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