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Here at USA Synthetics, we believe in our product and we want to tell you why AMSOIL synthetic oil is superior to other conventional oils. Today we are going to talk about purity, one of the features of AMSOIL oil, and some of the benefits you get from this feature. 

Conventional oils break down over time and with temperature. Some chemicals in conventional lubricants breakdown from temperatures within the normal operating range of many vehicles and equipment components. Othertimes, chemicals oxidize or break down in mild temperatures when oxygen is present. This is bad news because normally oxygen is present in vehicles and equipment. The chemicals that are prone to breakdown are not put into the lubricant to help it function, they are contaminants from conventional oil that are too difficult to remove. These chemicals only cause problems because they are thermally and oxidatively unstable. 

Conventional Oil 

Conventional lubricants are affected in cold temperatures as well as high temperatures. In cold temperatures, conventional oil hardens. This is because often times contain paraffin, which is hard at room temperature. This makes the oil turn into a paraffin gel. Cold-thickened lubricants do not flow as readily, and sometimes they do not flow at all. This hurts your vehicle and equipment because the oil needs to flow readily throughout the system it is supposed to protect. 

Synthetic Oil 

Synthetic lubricants have very few paraffins or other waxes that thicken in cold temperatures. This means that they can provide the rapid post startup lubrication and protection your vehicle and equipment need, even in harsh conditions. This dramatically decreases wear equipment components. This rapid protection also helps engines start more dependably in cold temperatures compared to conventional lubricants. This is because cold thickened conventional oil sometimes hinders the rotation on the crankshaft which inhibits rotation. 

Benefits of AMSOIL 

The benefits you get from using AMSOIL are a longer vehicle and equipment life with fewer needed repairs. Also, an improved performance and better fuel economy are seen when using AMSOIL products. 

AMSOIL synthetic oil in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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