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Beautiful Cars You Can Get on the Cheap

Check out these classic models you can find in good condition for very reasonable prices.

Mercury Cougar (1967-73)

The Mercury Cougar was the luxury Mustang, with leather seats, a wood-grain steering wheel, and special gauges. The GT option came with the 390 FE motor. Production was cut in half in the 70s, so later models are rarer, but no more expensive. For between $1-6,000, you can put one of these on the track.

Datsun 240Z (1970-73)

The Z was a gorgeous car, and one of the first Japanese sports cars popular in America. And it was as fast as it looked, topping the speeds of Porsche 911 and Jaguar E-class of its day. The best part- you can find one for under $15,000.

Ford Maverick Grabber (1971-75)

At 210-hp, the Maverick Grabber was pretty weak for a muscle car, but it sure had the look. It is also really easy to work on and costs around $6-10,000.

Chevy Monza (1975-80)

A four-seater, sub-compact car that won Motor Trends Car of the Year in 1975, the Monza is rare but desirable. With a price tag of $1-3,000, it is a must for our list.

AMC Hornet SC/360 (1971)

AMC built only 784 of these muscled-up versions of their Hornet. The four-barrel, 285-hp 360-cubic-inch motor makes it truly special among AMC muscles. Price ranges from $23-31,000.

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