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When it comes to lessons we are all taught while learning to drive, the focus was largely on the basics. As beneficial as these are, there is more to learn. There seems to be a consensus about engine grease, in that it’s something which is best left up to a mechanic. And while it’s true that a mechanic can and will gladly take care of your vehicle’s grease and lube needs, they will also happily charge you for the privilege.

Learn More About Choosing the Right Grease for the Job

If you like the idea of performing more maintenance tasks to your vehicle, including its grease requirements but aren’t sure which products are best, USA Synthetics has a post which can help.

Your Trailer

There is a common misconception that your trailer doesn’t need any maintenance save from giving it a wash with the hose every now and then. And while it’s true that it may be a basic vehicle, if you don’t take care of it then it isn’t going to get you and your recreation vehicles where you need to be. For this reason, it’s important to choose the right grease for the situations you see yourself using the trailer. For example, if you are towing a boat or another vehicle which you will lower into the water, consider something like a synthetic water-resistant grease which is designed to protect joints against corrosion and prevent against washout, which can leave your joints exposed and damaged. While it can seem like small instances of water contact don’t matter, the truth is that it only takes a small amount of time for salt and debris in the water to make its way into your joints and ball bearings.

Racing Vehicles

If your vehicle is land-based and its primary purpose is to go fast, then you can expect to generate a fair bit of friction. And as school science taught us, the more friction you generate, the slower the operation. This applies whether you are racing the vehicle around a sealed track or around a dirt one. The best products to use in vehicles like these are ones like AMSOIL’S DOMINATOR Synthetic Racing Grease. This grease has been purposed designed to address the needs of a racing vehicle, including a focus on the extreme levels of friction which can build up quickly. Click here to buy AMSOIL’s DOMINATOR Synthetic Racing Grease or even to learn more about its uses and how it can benefit your racing vehicle. If you are still unsure if this is the best-suited product for your needs, don’t hesitate to speak with an expert at USA Synthetics by calling (405) 388-6170. Leaders in the field of high-quality engine oils and lubricants, rest assured that USA Synthetics will get you the right grease for your vehicle.


If you own a fleet of vehicles or even if you are managing one as part of your job, you know that the most important thing is to keep them on the road. The more time they are off the road means less time they are working for you. This can often be a challenge when the grease you are using isn’t lasting if the rest of your engine’s supporting fluids, leading you to bring your trucks in for simple work like applying more grease. Products like AMSOIL’S Synthetic Polymeric Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease, NLGI #1 have been designed with the purpose of resisting extreme pound out (where the joints push all the grease out of its place) and stay where it is needed for longer under heavy and extended use.

Give Your Car a Boost With a Synthetic Oil Change in Oklahoma City, OK

When it comes to keeping your vehicle working at its best, using the right grease is a great way to do it and is a piece of vehicle maintenance which you can take care of yourself. In addition to your grease, consider a synthetic oil change in Oklahoma City, OK to further improve the performance of your engine. From reducing your gas costs to extending the overall lifespan of your engine, a synthetic oil change in Oklahoma City, OK is a powerful aspect of vehicle maintenance and one which all motorists can perform at home. Speak with an expert at USA Synthetics by calling (405) 388-6170 or check out the online store to learn more about the benefits of a synthetic oil change and for help finding the right product for your engine.

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