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If you are worried about driving with a boat trailer, this article includes tips and product information to help you drive safely while towing your boat.

Tips to Safely Tow Your Boat

Whether it’s a weekend away, a month traveling around the state, or your retirement years traveling around the country, road trips of any length provide the perfect platform for people to see new sights and experience new adventures. And while there are numerous adventures to be had which are accessible via car, there are some experiences which can only be reached by boat. If you love the idea of exploring ‘hard to reach’ areas which are only accessible by water, but are concerned about towing a boat behind you, the below article from USA Synthetics has some tips and information which can help make you a safer driver while towing your boat.

Start With Your Tires

The quality of your tires will determine a number of aspects of driving and towing, namely:
  • Safety is the first concern, in the form of a tire blowout. A worn or damaged tire has the potential to break down at high-speed carrying significant weight.
  • Your experience is also affected by your tire condition. Tires which have little to no grip will struggle to reach secluded camp spots.
Depending on how often you tow your trailer or boat, consider giving your tires a monthly check for any damage. Remember that a small cut can quickly lead to a larger problem. If you see any small damage, fix it before it has the chance to get bigger.

Keep the Pressure Right

Keeping with the theme of your tires; The pressure inside your tires is just as important as tire quality. However, don’t just ‘top them up’ if they look low. Think about the type of terrain you’re going to be driving on and adjust your tire pressure to match. This could mean pumping them up to a high pressure for highway driving before lowering their pressure to go off-road. Make sure that you use the right grease for your trailer and one which is designed to resist washout when your trailer comes into contact with the salt water. Click here to buy AMSOIL’s  Synthetic Water Resistant Grease from USA Synthetics’ online store, which has been designed to protect your bearings and joints from rust and corrosion. If you prefer, call (405) 388-6170 and speak with a synthetic oil change expert about the right products for your trailer and boat.

When You Need to Stop

Be sure that you can. If your trailer, boat or regular, includes connected or assisted brakes, always check their condition regularly. If your boat has a bit of weight to it, these brakes could be the difference between coming to a complete stop, and your vehicle being pushed forward by the momentum of your tow. Of course, if you can hear the indicator pins then immediately replace your trailer’s brakes.

Lights and Indicators

Just as it is during your everyday drives, signaling your driving intentions is important for road safety. It allows other road users such as drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians to know your intentions. This is particularly important when it comes time to brake; the car behind you needs to know what’s happening. For these reasons, be sure to check the connection between your car and your trailer before you head out each time. If you can, have a passenger confirm that your trailer’s signals are all working correctly.

What Is It?! I Can't See That Far Behind Me!?

This is something which you never want to have to say while towing a trailer. Especially one with a boat on it. For full visibility during the entirety of your drive, consider attaching a set of extended side mirrors to your towing vehicle. These work as a complement to your existing side mirrors and provide a wide-angled view, allowing you to see your entire tow, including all other road users around you.

Buy the Right Products for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Oklahoma City, OK

Now that you have the basics covered, it's time to get out and enjoy the fun which comes with owning a boat. Of course, just like your towing vehicle, your trailer and boat need maintenance, too. Speak with USA Synthetics at (405) 388-6170 and ask about high-quality products like AMSOIL's Synthetic Water Resistant Grease for your trailer. Alternatively, click here to visit their online store where you can read information about the wide range of synthetic oil change products available.

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